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Who Needs to See This Film?

Fill out the form to the right, and tell us the group of people you’d like to rally to see the film. We’ll get back to your ASAP to start planning your screening!

How to Host a Screening

MOTHER INDIA is just as much your film as it is ours. In fact, we want to empower you to share the stories of the 31 million orphans in India so that every orphan has the opportunity to grow up in a safe, loving home where they can reach their full potential. It’s super-easy to host a screening! Watch this quick video recap of two previous screenings to catch the vision!


  1. AUDIENCE: Rally your organization, church, or group.
    Screen it at your workplace, university, or church. It doesn’t matter to us, but make sure you can get a solid group of people that will be there – as many as possible!
  2. LOCATION: Find a location that is suitable to screening a film.
    Make sure the size of your location matches your potential crowd. Think big screen, DVD player, and a dark room. Maybe it’s a community center, auditorium, church, or theatre.
  3. PROGRAM: Develop a plan for what you’ll do at the screening.
    Since the documentary is 49 minutes in length, you’ll have plenty of time for other experiences as well – dinner, music, discussion, personal stories, or whatever would be appropriate for your audience.¬†
  4. COMMUNICATION: Promote the screening far and wide.
    This documentary is for everyone, not just those of a particular faith background. Invite anyone and everyone who cares about humanity.
  5. CONNECTION: Provide us with your screening information.
    We want to help you promote the event on the MOTHER INDIA website and through social media. We want to help you think through any details prior to the event and celebrate your success afterwards!
  6. CHILD SPONSORSHIP: Encourage attendees to sponsor a child in India.
    We make it easy to sponsor a child. If your group is already working with another child sponsorship organization, that’s fine. We just want to make sure that people have a tangible next step after the film.


We want to provide you with the tools you need to ensure a successful screening.

  • Authorized public exhibition license to screen the film through Word Films.
  • Downloadable promotion kit with templates for posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, and the official movie trailer.
  • Screening Promotion Guide to help you plan your event.
  • Listing of your screening on the MOTHER INDIA website and social media.
  • Let us know if you’d like to have Suresh Kumar (India), David Trotter (Orange County, CA), or Shawn Scheinoha (Atlanta, GA) at your screening, and we can discuss the possible arrangements.


  1. We have partnered with Word Films to release MOTHER INDIA into stores nationwide and to handle the licensing of the film for screenings. After purchasing a license from Word Films, we will partner with you in whatever ways we can to help make your screening a huge success!
  2. To screen the film, please purchase a screening license through Word Films.
    Purchase License


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