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April 17, 2013

Mother India - Buy from AmazonOn April 23rd, 2013, MOTHER INDIA will be released nationwide into bookstores, Amazon, and numerous other online retailers by Word Films. As a special bonus, we’re giving away two books by Executive Producer David Trotter to anyone who purchases the DVD.

Buy the DVD, and Get Two Free Books:

  1. Order the DVD on Amazon.
  2. Email your receipt to
  3. We’ll email you a special link to download the Kindle and pdf versions of both books!

Both Kindle and PDF Versions Included:

Launch Yourself: Creating a New Normal One Intention at a Time
By David Trotter

Launch Yourself by David TrotterSynopsis: Do you have the life you’ve always wanted? Are you living with meaning and purpose? Are your relationships rich and connecting? Do you even know who you are and what you bring to this world? What if you re-launched your life?

For most of us, life dissatisfaction is the result of living an unintentional life. Rather than remaining ‘stuck’ in an existence you never wanted, Launch Yourself will provide you with the tools to re-launch your life with a trajectory toward true success. If you’re ready for a change in your life, you’re ready to Launch Yourself.

  • Life Passions – how will you leave your mark?
  • Romance – who are you partnering with?
  • Community – who is walking with you?
  • Money & Possessions – how will you manage your resources?
  • Creativity & Play – what rejuvenates your mind and soul?
  • Physical Well-being – how will you care for your body?
  • Spirituality – how will you respond to the Divine?

I WILL: Learning to Follow the Revolutionary With Two Small Words
By David Trotter

I Will by David TrotterSynopsis: A revolutionary is one who brings about significant change in their area of influence. To say the least, our world is in need of passionate revolutionaries – not wimpy “go along with everything” people. You may not even be aware of this, but God has given every one of us an area to influence. God has given you a family, a neighborhood, and a school or a workplace. God has strategically positioned you to bring revolutionary change in that specific place at this unique time. Our world needs people who are willing to open their eyes to the needs around them and take responsibility. Our world is in need of people who are willing to say, “I WILL.”

You may not realize the power of these two small words, but you’ve definitely seen them in action. You watched them in the footsteps of the civil rights-era marches. You heard them in action as the Berlin Wall fell. You witnessed them in the protests of the students in Tiananmen Square. You hear them unknowingly when someone chooses to respond to a need. It could be something small within your own family, or it may even be life-changing for someone in your neighborhood, school, workplace, city, or even the entire world. At some point – if there is going to be a revolutionary change for the better (in any situation), someone has to take responsibility. Someone must respond with, “I WILL!”

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In Stores Nationwide on April 23rd

April 15, 2013

amazonWord Films is set to release “Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan” on DVD April 23rd. Yes, it’s on Amazon, but it’s also in bookstores. If you can’t find it, ask for it!

Can you believe it?

Two guys who had never made a documentary before are being given the opportunity to share the stories of 31 million orphans. We consider it an absolute privilege to have stores carrying the film, but the only way to get people to pick up a copy is if they hear about it. That’s where you come in!


1. Show the Film to Your Friends – Buy it on Amazon or your local bookstore, and watch it with friends. It will inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you to make a positive impact in this world.

2. Write an Amazon Review – If you’ve seen the film, leave a quick review on Amazon – click here.

3. Post on Facebook and Twitter – Spread the word about the film. Here are a few easy-to-cut-and-paste posts you can use:

Did you know there are 31 million orphans in India? Every one has a story. Watch MOTHER INDIA >

Follow the stories of 25 orphans living along the railway in southern India. Watch MOTHER INDIA >

What happens when 2 guys find 25 abandoned kids living along a railway in India? Watch MOTHER INDIA >

4. Take Action – Frankly, that’s what we’re most passionate about. The film is a documentary (not a commercial), but it is designed to motivate you to do something

– Spread the word.
Sponsor a child.
Serve with organizations who are helping orphans in India.

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